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Posted by Megan Howell on Mar 2, 2019 11:41:00 AM
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As a real estate company, we are often asked if it's important to stage a home. The answer is yes. Staging a home is the single most effective tactic for selling a home fast and at market value. The reason is simple. When a buyer goes through the searching phase, they are sometimes looking at two or three homes at a time. After a while, buyers aren't able to see a difference between your home from all of those other homes if all you're showing is four walls. Show them your home's true potential by showing them what it can be to them. 


Staging a vacant home is easier but it's important to avoid overlooking an occupied home. Let's face it, spending months on constant alert for the real estate agent to just "pop by" with some stranger to scrutinize your home making skills is exhausting. In times like this, it's important to ask for help. Staging can make your life a little easier.


The first reason is because it allows you to get rid of furniture you have no interest in taking to your new place. You still need a chair but do you really need the chair that you inherited from your great aunt after she passed? Moving is a time for cleansing and like any good guru will say,

"If it doesn't give you pleasure get rid of it!"

Second, it allows you to sell faster. If you are occupying the house while trying to sell, the faster you sell the better! At that point selling fast is worth more than the money you would spend on staging by tenfold. Buyers are notorious for being unimaginative. Staging allows them to imagine themselves in the space and how it can be used to their benefit. According to, staged homes tend to sell an average of 22 days versus un-staged homes that tend to stay on the market for 125 days. That's a big difference!


Staging like anything associated with selling a home is not cheap. Ask your real estate agent if they are willing to pay a portion of the staging. If they say no, they may at least take on the consultation fee which ranges anywhere from $250-$750 for the initial consultation and written plan. 

While staging doesn't hide poor maintenance, it does highlight what is already there. Let buyers visualize how the room lives and how they can see themselves in it. If they are looking for a place to put their heart and soul, then make sure you are putting your home's best foot forward. After sprucing up the landscaping and completing any major repairs, finish the tour by investing in staging. 

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