How to use Social media as a Realtor

Posted by Megan Howell on Mar 19, 2019 8:54:00 AM
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Social Media is a powerful tool for creating a strong online presence for any realtor. However, it can also be incredibly daunting. It's like going to the cereal aisle and trying to choose between healthy, tasty, and ones that remind you of your childhood. Depending on what your feeling at the time you go down that aisle will many times determine what cereal you end up choosing. Choosing which social media platform is right for you is like choosing a cereal. Some are better than others. 


The greatest advantage Facebook has over other platforms is that it has the best algorithm for promoting advertisements to a targeted audience. When choosing to promote a post, you can choose to send it to followers outside of your network just by clicking on the desired zip-code, marriage status, age, income and so much more. 

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Instagram is a wonderful platform for realtors. It allows audiences to dream. A realtor should never sell the house. We should sell the dream of a home. With Instagram, you can do that with a simple post. While it can take a long time to develop a good audience on Instagram, it gives you the chance to promote a quick screenshot of what you can offer.


Twitter is a great option if you live in a fast moving city. Cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York are known for residents to like their information fast and to the point. If there was ever a platform more in tune with that, then Twitter is the one that takes the cake. Twitter is great for building an organic audience that wants to know about last minute open houses, exciting new listings that aren't expected to last long, and bidding wars. Sometimes the mere smell of a bidding frenzy will drive aggressive buyers to compete for a listing they had dismissed earlier. We may never know for sure what drives buyers but what we do know is that when it happens, we need to be able to seize the buzz while we can!


This is an odd one for sure. Three years ago this was considered the lamest platform on the market. It was the place that HR asked you to make a profile but then you didn't actually know what to do with it. Well, that was until Microsoft bought it in 2016 and it has since skyrocketed into relevancy. Suddenly it was cool to have a LinkedIn profile and people actually wanted to talk about work outside of work. The reason is that it went from a place where the only thing you saw on your feed were outdated success memes to a place where people could actually talk about their industry in an intellectual and fun way. All I have to say is good job Microsoft. But that's not why you, as a realtor, should use LinkedIn. You should use LinkedIn because it allows you to easily find qualified candidates and market to them on a platform that audiences respect. 

If you are looking for building your realtor social media presence, let UNiQ Realty be your guide. We offer social media management that allows us to create leads from social media and easily input them into your CRM. We do the work and you get the leads.

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