How Fast Can You Expect To Sell Your Home

Posted by Megan Howell on Mar 9, 2019 12:47:00 PM

How fast can you expect to sell your home determines on how you sell your home. Know what to expect when selling your home and find out how long is too long. 

Selling a home is tough especially when you're not really sure how to play the timing game. There's all these nagging questions. Do you put the house on the market in the Spring so that you can sell fast

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How to Stage Your Best Home

Posted by Megan Howell on Mar 2, 2019 11:41:00 AM

As a real estate company, we are often asked if it's important to stage a home. The answer is yes. Staging a home is the single most effective tactic for selling a home fast and at market value. The reason is simple. When a buyer goes through the searching phase, they are sometimes looking at two or three homes at a time. After a while, buyers aren't able to see a difference between your home from all of those other homes if all you're showing is four walls. Show them your home's true potential by showing them what it can be to them. 


Staging a vacant home is easier but it's important to avoid overlooking an occupied home.

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Are We Moving From a Seller's Market to a Buyer's Market

Posted by Megan Howell on Feb 24, 2019 5:19:36 PM

For several years now the real estate market has been in the favor of the seller with the expectation that the buyer will win when they sell. But that may not be true for very long. According to WSJ, the market is turning. While some economists are predicting everything from stabilization in prices to a contraction in the market, some are making claims of a full out recession. The question is, can a stabilization or fall in housing prices be good for a buyer? Or can it cause the buyer to get stuck in a home for longer than they want?

That depends on you and how you buy.

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What makes a Virtual Brokerage Different?

Posted by Megan Howell on Jan 17, 2019 2:36:00 PM

If you are a Realtor, you've probably heard a lot about what makes a virtual brokerage different. So what makes them different? Honestly, there isn't a difference. As fun as it is to write about a new invention that’s going to revolutionize the real estate industry, that’s just not what’s happening. What most people don’t realize is that it’s already been revolutionized. It’s been naturally and irrevocably self-revolutionized because of technology. Before the internet it took a huge team of people to do one thing. Using the word virtual is just a fancy way of saying that you don’t use a fax machine anymore. Today, we do everything digitally

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Why Transaction Coordinators are the golden child of real estate

Posted by Megan Howell on Jan 11, 2019 2:17:00 PM

Calling all transaction coordinators! You are the golden child of real estate. Everyone wants you but not everyone understands everything that you do. As an industry professional, you know the importance of properly managing each sale after the close. Without a solid understanding of local, state, and federal laws, deals can fall apart days, weeks, even months later costing you and your client hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Because of transaction coordinators, realtors don’t need years of experience or a law degree to get the make the after sale process easy. Transaction coordinators are wonderful resources for agents and homebuyers since you’re trained in handling paperwork from the time that the client accepts the offer to the close of escrow.

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