Why Transaction Coordinators are the golden child of real estate

Posted by Megan Howell on Jan 11, 2019 2:17:00 PM
Megan Howell
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Calling all transaction coordinators! You are the golden child of real estate. Everyone wants you but not everyone understands everything that you do. As an industry professional, you know the importance of properly managing each sale after the close. Without a solid understanding of local, state, and federal laws, deals can fall apart days, weeks, even months later costing you and your client hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Because of transaction coordinators, realtors don’t need years of experience or a law degree to get the make the after sale process easy. Transaction coordinators are wonderful resources for agents and homebuyers since you’re trained in handling paperwork from the time that the client accepts the offer to the close of escrow.

In the days before the internet, nothing was digital. From the moment of first contact with a homebuyer, a folder was set up in their honor. This manila folder allowed everyone involved to retrieve, document, and share the forms, contact information and processes to make homebuying a reality. 

Transaction MetricsToday, Transaction Management Systems are a digital form of this folder. A transaction management system allows transaction coordinators to not only manage listings but so much more. By digitally storing documents in one secure location, it makes it easy to retrieve and store documents down the road. What's more is that it allows your clients to sign digital documents that will hold up in a court of law. This is especially important as it protects both the homebuyer and the realtor. By tracking offers on listings, realtors are able to quickly notify homebuyers of opportunities, which in turn allows realtors to properly manage their commissions.

Manage the mountain of paperwork that you as a transaction coordinator need to get your job done with an easy and secure transaction management system. Like orchestra conductors, transaction coordinators make things happen. The realtor may be the star of the show, but a transaction coordinator moves the music forward. Put everything exactly where it needs to be with a transaction management system that lets you stay in control.

To find out if UNiQ Realty's transaction management system is right for you or if you are a realtor or homebuyer looking for a quality transaction coordinator, talk to a UNiQ agent today.

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